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Powerful Servers

All of our Windows servers utilize Intel Intel Xeon E5-1650 3.2 GHz hyperthreaded processors (CPU) and DDR3 ECC RAM.

Instant Setup

Our servers deploy instantly upon the completion of your order, and the information for your server is sent to you via e-mail, along with some other useful information to get you started.

DDoS Protected Gigabit Network

Our servers are located in North American and Western European data centers. We are proud to offer unlimited transfer with an unmetered 1 Gbps connection behind DDoS protected firewalls for every server.

Convenient Scaling

As well as providing instant setup, we offer convenient scaling. Whether you're expanding or reducing your server, we can scale your RAM and HDD resources very easily. Linux servers do not require a restart and will have 0.00% downtime. Windows servers do require a restart, but have no additional downtime for the changes to be made. You keep your data and your IP address(es).

All-In-One Panel

Our all-in-one panel will allow you to interact with your server by offering a built-in control panel that will allow you to boot, shutdown, and restart your server, as well as change the root password and the hostname.

Customer Support

Our support team is comprised of highly qualified and trained staff that love what they do, and will help you solve any problems you may need help with.

Why Pulse Servers?

We give you full control of your own powerful server machine, which you can use to host your web, mail, database, voice, game, radio, FTP, IRC, cloud, and VPN servers, to name a few.
Our clients get access to step-by-step guides and video tutorials for common tasks like server installation and updating.
Our company is registered and licensed to be selling our servers and using the applications we utilize in a commercial environment.

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